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ENTER-  Let’s put the emergence of good VR is some kind of perspective. What’s the time frame we’re looking at? When do you imagine VR seriously starts to seriously compete with real reality for people’s attention?

A special consultant to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Cory Doctorow is also known for his compelling science fiction novels—including Homeland, Little Brother, and the recently released Walkaway. An activist and journalist, he co-edits the popular Boing Boing blog.

Mixed Reality (a combination ot the real world, augmented and virtual reality) is a technology and medium set to play a big role in the future of industry and entertainment.  

How the technology will fit into our lives and values has yet to be seen: Will it be relegated to only videogames and pornography- or will these devices take on a wider range of utilities and functions?  Here are a few predictions for how it will affect our lives from what I'm seeing out here in MR land.

Dr. Moran Cerf uses methods drawn from neuroscience to understand the foundations of our psychology, behavior, emotions, and decision making strategies. He studies patients undergoing brain-surgery by recording the activity of individual nerve cells using electrodes implanted in the patient's brain. He’s been able to project patients' thoughts onto a screen by reading the activity of cells within their brain.

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The consumer electronics show CES is filled to the brim with a bewildering number of gadgets and gizmos. Here's what we learned. 

How Creating New Stories Spawns Innovation and Success

A new kind of Internet is here, one that will revolutionize how we live. It’s called the "Internet of Things" (IoT) - where all the devices in the home become smart and connected to the web. It’s no longer science fiction, or just for early adopters: IoT devices will be in Target, Best Buy and Ikea this summer. Big power plays by Apple and Google will drive it even further mainstream. And there are hundreds if not thousands of business opportunities in IoT, at every layer of the value chain, from infrastructure and security, to hardware, apps, services and data. What’s your IoT strategy?