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Mixed Reality (a combination ot the real world, augmented and virtual reality) is a technology and medium set to play a big role in the future of industry and entertainment.  

How the technology will fit into our lives and values has yet to be seen: Will it be relegated to only videogames and pornography- or will these devices take on a wider range of utilities and functions?  Here are a few predictions for how it will affect our lives from what I'm seeing out here in MR land.

San Francisco-based Second Genome works with the human biome, studying the vast population of microorganisms which—though they’re not human—are integral parts of our being (and surround our beings as well, in a “microbiotic cloud”). ENTER (Jeff Greenwald) discusses microbiomes and personhood with two members of the group: Todd DeSantis and Adam Altrichter.

The consumer electronics show CES is filled to the brim with a bewildering number of gadgets and gizmos. Here's what we learned. 

Hard data from apps and devices can tell us what's working and what's not. 

Congratulations to our friends at Arc Fusion David Ewing Duncan , Stephen Petranek, Andrea Cross and Robin Starbuck Farmanfarmaian on another wonderful night in San Francisco - exploring 100-year questions: