Immersive Reality

ENTER: I recently heard that millennials are staying at home now, which is actually cutting down very slightly on CO2 emissions. But might VR technology impact people’s general health, in terms of indoor VR experiences replacing outdoor hiking, skiing, running, biking, climbing?

ENTER-  Let’s put the emergence of good VR is some kind of perspective. What’s the time frame we’re looking at? When do you imagine VR seriously starts to seriously compete with real reality for people’s attention?

ENTER: How might virtual experiences impact climate issues favorably? I know you’ve been asked this before, but I’d like to get this from your own mouth.

JB: Well let me give you a new answer. I’ll give you an older answer if you’d like, but I’m really excited for this work we just did, in Palau.

Mixed Reality (a combination ot the real world, augmented and virtual reality) is a technology and medium set to play a big role in the future of industry and entertainment.  

How the technology will fit into our lives and values has yet to be seen: Will it be relegated to only videogames and pornography- or will these devices take on a wider range of utilities and functions?  Here are a few predictions for how it will affect our lives from what I'm seeing out here in MR land.

Note: In November of 1993, on assignment for EcoTraveler magazine, Enter’s Jeff Greenwald visited Los Angeles to speak with Timothy Leary. This extraordinary interview, never before published, conveys the acid guru’s gleeful and optimistic projections for a technology that, a quarter century later, is at last entering the mainstream. This is one of several articles in a series on Immersive Reality from Enter.  © 2017 by Jeff Greenwald

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Christina Heller is the Chief Development Officer and co-founder of VR Playhouse, a virtual reality creation and production company based in Los Angeles. One of the most accomplished women in the immersive tech field, Heller—formerly a radio and broadcast journalist—is deeply concerned with the myriad ways technology and business are reshaping and impacting society. Heller has produced and directed two feature-length documentaries, Libertopia and Reversing the Mississippi, which premiered on PBS’s “America Reframed” in 2016.