Whether it’s through the dopamine hits of social media, neuromarketing (eye tracking, galvanic skin response), or the ping and pop of attention-getting devices, tech devices are changing our brains and the way we relate to each other. At some level, our decision making is no longer our own. As part of a series on “Taking Back Our Brains”, we interview Time Well Spent’s Max Stossel. Time Well Spent is an organization dedicated to reversing the digital attention crisis and realigning technology with humanity's best interests.

Dr. Moran Cerf uses methods drawn from neuroscience to understand the foundations of our psychology, behavior, emotions, and decision making strategies. He studies patients undergoing brain-surgery by recording the activity of individual nerve cells using electrodes implanted in the patient's brain. He’s been able to project patients' thoughts onto a screen by reading the activity of cells within their brain.

Note: In November of 1993, on assignment for EcoTraveler magazine, Enter’s Jeff Greenwald visited Los Angeles to speak with Timothy Leary. This extraordinary interview, never before published, conveys the acid guru’s gleeful and optimistic projections for a technology that, a quarter century later, is at last entering the mainstream. This is one of several articles in a series on Immersive Reality from Enter.  © 2017 by Jeff Greenwald

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Christina Heller is the Chief Development Officer and co-founder of VR Playhouse, a virtual reality creation and production company based in Los Angeles. One of the most accomplished women in the immersive tech field, Heller—formerly a radio and broadcast journalist—is deeply concerned with the myriad ways technology and business are reshaping and impacting society. Heller has produced and directed two feature-length documentaries, Libertopia and Reversing the Mississippi, which premiered on PBS’s “America Reframed” in 2016.

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We’ve all faked smiles, laughed at un-funny jokes and told white lies with a straight face. But a set of new technologies is ready to call our bluff.