Social Media and Human Society

For a bird’s eye view of how technology and journalism are co-evolving, it’s hard to find a better vantage point than Susan McGregor. As Assistant Director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism (established in 2010) and Assistant Professor at Columbia Journalism School, McGregor helps supervise the dual-degree program in Journalism & Computer Science. Though she teaches primarily in thee areas of data journalism & information visualization, her research extends to information security, privacy, and alternative forms of digital distribution. 


During his 46-year career, Dr. Ed Wasserman has focused on issues of ethics, technology, and the ever-evolving questions of how news and information are distributed and consumed. His PhD thesis at the London School of Economics—written long before smart phones or the Internet—was a study of the politics and economics of technological innovation, focused on the communications satellite systems that were revolutionizing global news coverage.