Note: In November of 1993, on assignment for EcoTraveler magazine, Enter’s Jeff Greenwald visited Los Angeles to speak with Timothy Leary. This extraordinary interview, never before published, conveys the acid guru’s gleeful and optimistic projections for a technology that, a quarter century later, is at last entering the mainstream. This is one of several articles in a series on Immersive Reality from Enter.  © 2017 by Jeff Greenwald

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The quick dopamine hit of positive reinforcement from social media actually stops you from doing the harder work of writing, and sidesteps serious engagement on topics that matter.

Robots and droids have featured in hundreds of SciFi stories. The word "robot" itself comes from a 1920 work of fiction. Here's a list of our favorite AI characters.  

At what point does a machine seem alive - or even like a “person?”